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    Residential Moorings

    A place to call home.

    Finding a place to live on a narrowboat can be difficult.

    You have to make sure that mooring is available and that it’s in a good location. It’s not just about the space, it’s about the amenities and community.

    Barton Marina offers residential moorings for over 300 narrowboats linked to the Trent and Mersey Canal. The rates are transparent and include everything you would need for a home away from home!

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    Gas & Coal
    Diesel Petrol
    Pumpout Elsan
    Pump Out & Elsan

    Residential Mooring Rates

    Annual moorings are a 12 month commitment; any refunds will be calculated at the quarterly rate up to the termination date.
    All rates are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

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    Barton Marina Residential Moorings What Is A Residential Mooring

    What is a residential mooring?

    Is there a difference compared to leisure mooring?

    If you don’t use your boat often, you can moor it at a leisure marina, such as our partner marinas at Great Haywood (just a day's cruise from Barton Marina), Tattenhall in Cheshire, Saul Junction in Gloucestershire, and Roydon Marina Village in Essex. You are not allowed to live on the mooring, but it may have all the facilities you need to live on board (electricity, water, and sewage removal). You may visit and stay on board for as long as you like, but your marina will decide how long you stay. You may not use your mooring as a post office unless you have an agreement with the marina.

    Residential moorings require planning permission. The marina must prove to the local council that they have adequate sewage and waste disposal services to accommodate residential moorings. As your home, you may use your residential mooring as your postal address.

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