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    Mooring Fees at Barton Marina, UK

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the maze and rise of canal boat mooring fees? You're not alone.

    Many boat owners and enthusiasts struggle to navigate the ever-changing landscape of costs, regulations, and options, leaving them frustrated and uncertain about how to manage their expenses effectively. The sheer complexity can create a sense of unease, preventing you from fully enjoying your passion for canal boating.

    We understand your pain and are here to help.

    Mooring at Barton Marina couldn't be simpler.

    Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a hassle-free boating experience. Dive in and discover everything Barton Marina has to offer for your ultimate mooring experience.

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    Mooring Fees setting scenery

    Set in stunning surroundings

    Located along the serene Trent & Mersey canal in the picturesque countryside of rural Staffordshire, near Barton-under-Needwood, lies Barton Marina.

    With 300 berths nestled within the UK's enchanting network of canals, this marina provides a perfect spot for mooring your boat, catering to both leisure and residential purposes.

    Each mooring at Barton Marina is equipped with electricity and water access, and controlled access to the jetties ensures peace of mind and security. Additional amenities include two washroom facilities featuring toilets and showers, along with a laundry service and workshop for essential maintenance and repairs.

    Mooring Fees facilities

    Fully featured & loaded with facilities

    Discover the unparalleled mooring experience at Barton Marina, where we cater to the needs of our boating community.

    With 300 berths across five secure, pin-protected private jetties, you'll find the perfect spot for your canal boat, complete with electricity and water access.

    Our commitment to your comfort includes two well-maintained washroom facilities with toilets and showers, and an on-site laundry facility for your convenience.

    For your boating needs, Barton Marina offers a fully-equipped workshop, as well as essential supplies such as gas, coal, and diesel. Waste disposal is made simple with our pump-out and Elsan facilities.

    Mooring Fees shopping food drink

    Explore leisure & entertainment

    Barton Marina is a lively destination for canal boat enthusiasts and visitors, offering a variety of independent shops, cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

    Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at the Barton Marina Cafe or savour diverse dishes at the Waterfront pub and restaurant. Experience authentic Thai cuisine at the Thai Marina restaurant.

    For movie buffs, the Red Carpet Cinema and cafe bar offer an intimate cinematic experience with delightful refreshments. Art lovers can explore Gallery Three, showcasing diverse works from talented artists. Don't miss the Butcher Baker farm shop for fresh, locally-sourced produce and artisanal goods.

    Join us at Barton Marina for a vibrant and diverse leisure experience, perfect for boat owners and visitors alike.

    Mooring Fees

    Annual moorings are a 12-month commitment; any refunds will be calculated at the quarterly rate up to the termination date. All fees are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

    Leisure Moorings

    Annual Cost
    Quarterly Cost
    Monthly Cost
    Leisure Moorings
    33ft - 37ft Narrowboat
    40ft Narrowboat
    50ft Narrowboat
    60ft Narrowboat
    70ft Narrowboat

    Residential Moorings

    Annual Cost
    Quarterly Cost
    Monthly Cost
    40ft Narrowboat
    50ft Narrowboat
    60ft Narrowboat
    70ft Narrowboat

    Visitor Rates

    Visitor Rates
    Visitor Moorings
    Mooring Fees roam free

    Roam Free to any marina as an Annual Moorer

    Opt for an annual contract and enjoy more than just a mooring space.

    With an annual contract, you gain 24-hour access to your home marina and the opportunity to freely cruise the network with unlimited access to Lakeland Leisure Marinas*. Delight in visiting Saul Junction Marina in Gloucestershire, Tattenhall Marina in Cheshire, Roydon Marina Village in Essex, and Great Haywood in Staffordshire, which is just a day's cruise away—perfect for a weekend getaway.

    Embrace the Roam Free scheme, designed to inspire exploration of the waterways while ensuring you have a home mooring. Experience both rural and city life at your leisure from the water, knowing that you have a secure mooring available.

    * Availability may vary; please contact your destination marina ahead of your arrival.

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    SJ stars

    “Fab Marina! Looked all day for Calor gas and was saved by the great Folks at Barton Marina. Dealt with the most charming, lovely lady, Julie, who left a lasting impression. Will defo visit again!”

    Braz Harman, Google Reviews

    SJ stars

    “Lovely visit, farm shop is great. Dropped in to sort a mooring and staff were really pleasant”

    Alan Taylor, Google Reviews

    SJ stars

    “A marina situated in a tourist destination! Love it! Great pub / restaurant - The Waterfront, a thai restaurant, and cafés. Great place for a walk around the lakes and parkland. For marina services, great friendly staff and sensible prices.”

    Bob Penney, Google Reviews

    SJ stars

    “A very pleasant place to have a walk in the harbour or around the neighbouring ponds and then have a cup of coffee or a pint. Also some good utilities like a laundrette and Calor bottle swap.”

    Karol Mileszko, Google Reviews

    Google stars
    Tripadvisor stars
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